Three Most Commonly Asked Questions on USPS Hold Mail

Hold Mail is now trending between United States people. They have a lot of questions arising between them. But after reading this article all the questions regarding the hold mail will be clarified to you. It is trending because this hold mail facility is very amazing because it facilitates people by holding their mail when there out on their vacations with family. Through this article, I have got three main important questions regarding Hold Mail.

We will talk about those three important questions one by one so let’s start with first question

Ques 1: Who can submit a hold mail request?

Ans: This is a big issue between the people they think that they only itself submit a hold mail request but this not true USPS allows anyone who resides at that address for you and one more person can submit i.e. Authorized agent. Yes, you read that right Authorized Agent he/she can also submit the hold mail request on behalf you.


Ques 2: Can you authorize someone else to pick up your hold mail?

Ans: When you visit the post office for the hold mail service facility they ask you to fill up the form then you will be asked a question Pick a delivery option for your held mail” in that two options will be given to you and you have to choose any one option from them

  1. A) You want to collect your accumulated mails your own after end date.
  2. B) You want postmaster to deliver all your accumulated mails in your mail box.

If you choose first option that you will collect your accumulated mail your own then in that case also you can authorize someone else to receive your mail on your behalf but you have to give in written in post office that third person will going to receive mails your behalf. That third party or the person you authorize for receiving the mail should show his/her valid ID photo.

Ques 3: Can I pick My held mail earlier than the original Hold Mail end date?

Ans: The answer for the same is “YES”. You can receive your HELD mail earlier from post office then your hold mail request will be cancelled automatically and mail delivery will resume from next postal business day.


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