How to Stop/Cancel USPS Mail Forwarding??

United States Postal Services (USPS) is huge and amazing agency of the United States. It provides numerous of services to its customers like Amazon do like USPS delivers packages on weekends also it also offers one more facility to consumers of stop or canceling USPS mail forwarding. You all must be thinking about what this service is all about? Let me tell you about this have a look.

If people of United States plan to shift or move to the new address for permanently or for the temporary purpose it redirects your mail to your new address this is called Mail Forwarding. But for this, you have to inform all the agencies from whom you receive the mail services so that you can receive your mail at the right place where you want and if you don’t inform them about the changes you want then you will not able to receive the mail you will miss that.

For stop or cancel the USPS mail forwarding you have to follow the following steps they are as follows:


Visit the official site of USPS There will be an option of “Task and Manager” click on that you will see an option of “Change Address”. As given in the image below.


After that you will land on another page and when you scroll down you will see a line written over there “Need to view, update or cancel a change of address order you already submitted”



After that it will be redirected to you on a new page after that you have to enter 16 digit confirmation code in the column “CONFIRMATION CODE” that you must receive on your mail when you have filled the address change form this code will be available only if you have applied online and if you have done this change by going post office then you must have received  the confirmation documents.


Then there will be an option of “NEW ZIP CODE” enter your new code to stop mail forwarding and click submit button.


The changes you made will be on your screen and you can change according to you. You can also make the below mention changes. Have a look:

  1. You can also receive a reminder of mail forwarding expiration dates.
  2. Add a new email address.
  3. If you requested for a temporary move then you can also change your end date.
  4. Change your temporary move into a permanent move.
  5. Change your family move into the individual move but here is one thing that you can’t switch individual move to family move.
  6. Cancel your change of address or mail forwarding order etc.
  7. You can also change your contact number.


In case you lost the confirmation code from your mail then you have to contact to the post office and ask them to make the relevant changes and you can also ask them to stop the mail forwarding. Remember you can only make two changes a day not more than that if you even try it will show you the error and then you can update your information in next 48 hours not prior to that.

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