Proof of Delivery USPS – What is this and how you will get this?

United States Postal Services (USPS) provides many services to their customers or its users. Almost half of the population of the US send or receive the mail through USPS. Post carrier also delivers the mail on the right address. But people for a safer side and to make sure about the delivery of package so they demand “proof of delivery”.

People has the facility of tracking their packages using the tracking number available on the receipt this is only done to get satisfied about the package. Through this article I’ll tell you about the proof of delivery, where you can get it, what mail classes provide it and how it looks is.

What is Proof of Delivery:

What is Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery is a response from sender that he/she has receive the package on time in the form of letter or mail with some information like recipient name, image of signature, address and printed address and printed name also. There can be also any link also to inform the above information. You can also ask for the signature proof this can be done like post carrier can take the signature at time of delivery of recipient.

Where You can get Proof of Delivery:

Proof of delivery is not available all over the US but only in 50 states, Virgin Islands and the Puerto Rico it is available not any other place. If you send anything to the foreign country then its proof of delivery will not be available in the database of USPS if you want then you have to request to the USPS customer service for the same.

Where You can get Proof of Delivery

What Mail Classes Provide Proof of Delivery:

Its free of cost you don’t have to pay anything for that. Signature Confirmation and Priority Mail Express service provide it.

For priority mail it is available as follows:

  • Users which are using Priority Mail Express Manifesting service, bulk proof of delivery is available for them.
  • Individual or Single requests are provided via email, and it is provided electronically.

It is available For Signature Confirmation as follows:

  • Through article number single or individuals requests are provided by mail or fax.
  • Person or an individual mailers who like to use signature confirmation service as electronic option or that as privately printed with extra labels of service provide bulk delivery of proofs that to when they use privately labels of printed.  

How do You Receive a Signature Proof of Delivery?

Proof of delivery you can only receive if you request to the receipt. Follow the given below steps:

  • Go to USPS official site
  • Quick tool category will be there from that click on “Tracking”.
  • Click on find after entering the label id.
  • After this click to see details.
  • Under the features option, you have to  click on proof of delivery link.
  • Start filling the required information in that.

How does it look like?

How does it look like?

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