How Homeless are Provided Mail Services by USPS

Numerous of people are homeless in the United States but they are not able to get the mailing services because of only one reason i.e. They don’t have shelter on their head but you all must be thinking that do they will be able to get the mail services?

So, you will be answered here only in this article only.

The answer is “YES” they will be able to get the postal service not only from USPS but also from other agencies of mailing services. Any homeless have to submit just an application for P.O. box office to the post office. After applying, you can get mailing services from USPS. For this you have to follow some conditions so that post carrier can approve your application.

How Homeless are Provided Mail Services by USPS

Below mention are some conditions that you have to follow:

  • Submit the ID proof if he/she is stranger.
  • The applicant should be known in the post-office.
  • Applicant has to submit the verifiable proof that can be a place of his/her working, any shelter or any charitable institution.

Homeless applicant has to meet anyone condition from above mentioned three of them. If that application is not able to satisfy the above mention condition then he/she is only eligible to get General Delivery service of USPS Homeless mail. But only when postmaster approves you. If you want to more in detail so you can contact your near postmaster.

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