How to Return to Sender a Mail or Package

Whenever people sit ideally they start filtering their mails and we found while filtering that data mostly we found junk mails containing credit cards offer or any brand advertisement from all this stupid mail junk box ratio increase so to avoid all these extra mails from unwanted people you should take some precautions and some serious steps that your junk box doesn’t fill up with unwanted mails. There are many methods to avoid these mails but here in this article we are going to follow single method only not any other method.

Now I will let you know how you can return mail to the sender:

Return Mail to Sender

You can send mails to the sender back if you don’t want to receive any mails from them to do this just follow the given steps properly:

Return Mail to Sender

Select the mail without opening it:  Select the mails you want to return back to sender but remember one thing don’t open those mails because open mails make some process and also increase their mail opening rate.

Write return to sender: Write on envelope clearly and neatly “Return to Sender” on the front side of the envelope and try to make it bold so that it is clearly visible to post carrier.

Drop the mail in the mailbox:  After writing the message on the envelope you can drop the mail in mail box or you can hand over the mail to the post carrier otherwise he might miss the message written over them on the front side and again he will deliver the mail to you.

Drop the mail in the mailbox

By following the above mention steps, you can easily return the mail to the sender. This was the method of USPS to return to sender to reduce the number of junk mails from your Gmail account. If above mention steps don’t work then you can write note or letter directly to the sender. Then follow the following mention steps:

Write a serious note: Write a serious note to sender when you don’t know what to write in note just ask them not to mail you again and again because you don’t need this of mail but don’t use abusive and vulgar language.

Put it in a pre-paid return envelope: Pre-paid return envelope comes with credit card offers and charity donation and then you can mail in that envelope.

Mail it: Everything has been done just put the mail in mail box.


Both methods have been provided to you if first method doesn’t work then you have the option. Yes, you cannot avoid the junk mails but you can reduce the no of junk mails. Now you know the method how to reduce the junk mails so you can reduce them.


How to Return to Sender a Mail or Package

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