How to Forward Someone Else’s USPS Mail – USPS

Hello Friends!  Here today I’m going to let you know how to forward someone else’s mail but before that I will tell you “what is USPS mail forwarding”?

If you want to forward any mail to anyone received by you that’s known as Mail Forwarding. In mail forwarding you cannot change the addressee because it is illegal but you can change the address.

Different cases for the mail forwarding they are given below:

  1. You’ve received mail by mistake and don’t know the recipient
  2. You’ve recently moved and want your mail forwarded to a new address
  3. You want to forward just a single piece of mail to someone else.

To forward the mail follow the following steps:

  • The wrong address written over there on mail just cross that and just beneath that write the correct address in a bold way so that it should be neat and clean.
  • After this just put the mail in mail box before that just check that the stamp it carries is valid or not.
  • The wrong mail you received and that you know the addressee then make sure you contact him/her for safer side about the mail, if it has been received within two weeks then ok otherwise contact United States Postal Services (USPS).

After reading above article you will not be confused and won’t ask anyone about how to forward someone else’s mail.

If you want to know how to forward the mail to someone you can read another article Mail forwarding (link has to be insert in this).










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