Check the Status of a Domestic Insurance Claim

As we all aware about the various services provided by the USPS to their customers. This time USPS is providing some different services to their customers i.e. People can claim for there packages that been lost due to any reason by the USPS post-carrier. In USPS very, few services are there which provide this claiming service. With the option “File the Claim” you can claim for your missed package or content.

In USPS there are two types shipment which allows for claiming the package. They are as follows:

  • International Shipments
  • Domestic Shipments

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When you will file the claim then you should the process or method to check status of your insurance claim.

To check the status of Domestic Insurance Claim the method is given below:

Check the Status of a Domestic Insurance Claim: –

Check the Status of a Domestic Insurance Claim

  • If you have filed the insurance claim online then login to your customer account by clicking After clicking on the given link, you can see the status of all the claims filed. “Claim History” through this tab you all can see the previous claims.
  • To contact the Accounting Services, help desk at 1-866-974-2733. Working hours are from Monday through Friday: – 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET

When you will check the status of the insurance claim then you have to provide some information such as:

  • Name
  • Mailing Address (original)
  • Tracking Number

Above mention is the method to check the domestic Insurance Claim and if the claim is denied then customer can claim Appeal a denied Domestic Claim.

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