How to Fill this Form & USPS Change of Address Form

If you are planning to shift somewhere else then inform your mail services about your shifting to a new place and they should forward your mails to your new address only not on old. If you don’t inform them about your shifting to a new place then you will miss all the important mails from the others or any other documents also. There are different methods which you can follow for the new change but in this article, we are going to talk about a change of address form. You can fill this form just to inform United States Postal Services (USPS) about the change. You can also write a letter for change of address to them to inform about the same or the mailing company which you are dealing with.

There are three ways available to you to inform the USPS about the change:

  • On-call
  • Online
  • Visiting post-office

You have to choose any one option from the above three mentioned but if you choose to inform online then fill the change of address form and if you choose by visiting the post-office then also you have to fill the same form to inform them. Below we have given the image how the change in an address given and you can also get the print of that.

USPS Change of Address Form: –

You have to fill the form 3575 if you choose to make a change by visiting the post-office or you can ask for the form on call also.

USPS Change of Address


USPS Change of Address

Steps to fill the form:

  1. In form, you will see ten sections, in the first section you have to mention your type of move. Your move is totally depending on you i.e. if you are moving alone then select individual, if with family select entire family and if for business purpose then select business.
  2. In second section you have to choose yes or for your temporary or permanent move. If you are moving temporary then select yes and if permanent then NO.
  3. In the third section, you have to fill the date that from which date you want to receive the mails on your new address.
  4. In fourth section fill the date when your move is temporary only in case of permanent leave the column blank.
  5. Fill your name in the fifth section in form of First name and last name.
  6. If your move is because of business then fill the business name in the sixth section otherwise blank.
  7. Fill your old address in the seventh section.
  8. In eighth section fill your new mailing address.
  9. Your signature is required in the ninth section that is mandatory.
  10. Fill the date in the last section. i.e. the tenth section.

If you follow the above mention steps then you can easily fill the form in the post office of Change of address form. Have a look on a form below:

If you want to fill the form now itself then click .


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