USPS Certified Mail

Good news! Now your mails are safe means you can send you important and personal mail, any kind of legal document and you want the confirmation receipt with that then use USPS Certified Mail. Through this service, you will be ensured about the arrival of important mails, documents to the final destination and when documents reached to its place then USPS will send you verification through electronic verification that you will receive in below written three ways:

  • By bulk electronic file transfer
  • You entering the tracking number on the USPS site or also enter the tracking number in above.
  • By calling at 1-800-222-1811

If you all are willing to send your important mails through certified mail so you all can do this by visiting the post office or you can do it online also. Both methods are given below:

Send Certified Mail from Post Office: –

Send Certified Mail from Post Office

  • If you wish to do it by visiting the post office then ask them for mail form 3800 and fill the required information in the form. There will be barcode in the sticker contain on the form that will help you in tracking and you will receive the receipt that will be a proof that you have mailed the documents.
  • Put the sticker on the envelope which you have received from there and put it on the right side where address has been written.
  • Pay for the mail class and postage you are using. From here you can also purchase Receipt Return, Restricted Delivery or any other additional mailing service at the time of mailing.
  • After purchasing the required mailing service now finally you can send the mail.

Send Certified Mail Online: –

Send Certified Mail Online

  • Many online businesses are provided mail delivery or certified letter and, in that make, sure they provide USPS tracking number facility with that or any mailing proof or USPS proof of delivery from next day only.
  • After receiving the confirmation about the service, you are going to use start preparing the mail you planned to send but write it in any word program and take out the print out and sign it if there is a need you think.
  • Start scanning the mail through scanning machine and upload it on the website you are using.

There are two ways to send certified mail but you to keep the original/copy of every record and additional services.

Certified Mail Cost

Rates for USPS certified mail has been increased then postal regulator commission has given approval to new rates that are mention below:

  • Certified Mail Fee – $3.35
  • Electronic Delivery Confirmation Receipt – $0.80
  • Return Receipt Green Card (Old Fashioned Green Card) – $2.75
  • Return Receipt Electronic Signature (PDF) (replaces Green Card) – $1.45
  • First Class Postage (1 OZ) (Metered Rate) – $0.46
  • Additional OZ First Class Postage – $0.21
  • Flats 1 OZ rate (9″ X 12″) – $0.98
  • Restricted Delivery Service – $4.95
  • Signature After Mailing – (PS Form 3811-A) Discontinued

Certified Mail Return Receipt: –

A return receipt can be purchased by you at the time of mailing itself and you can see delivery confirmation through the following information:

  • The signature of the recipient
  • Address of recipient
  • Delivery Date
  • Delivery Time

Certified Mail Return Receipt

You can get this return receipt through the mail or electronically that means USPS will send you this in a PDF format and you can download from there.

General Guidelines:

  1. People who want to send important mails, legal documents or any other kind of document those people use certified mail.
  2. Certified mail approx. takes 3-10 business days if you use first mail class service but people use expedite delivery to upgrade with priority delivery to deliver the mail in 2-3 days.
  3. Refunds are available for the certified mail.
  4. Using this service, you will not get delivery proof but as it mentions over there then customers can purchase return receipt at the time of mailing and you can also get through the mail or electronically.
  5.  Only First-Class Mail, First-Class Package Service, or Priority Mail service items may be sent as Certified Mail, Certified Mail Restricted Delivery, Certified Mail Adult Signature Required, or Certified Mail Adult Signature Restricted Delivery.
  6. Certified mail tracking can be easily done by visiting the main site of USPS or you can also enter the tracking number in the blank field on the top of this page. In this way, those who want to track certified mail will get the updated information of their mail.

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