Authorize Someone to Accept & Schedule USPS mail Redelivery

As we all are aware about the USPS facilities provided to United States people. USPS helps people in holding mail when they on their vacations. Many times some people are most of the time are out to town for their work so Post-Office hold mail on their behalf. The person using United States Postal Services can send packages, mail or any other kind of things through this. Post carrier delivers the package or mail to you and if you are not available to receive the package then he will make the second attempt and still he finds no one then he will leave PS form 3849 that is known as Notice from Post-Office and they will hold mail for you.

Receiving and Accepting of Redelivery

You all must be thinking that only they can receive the mail or package but what if I will prove your thinking ‘’WRONG’’. Yes, someone else can also receive mail or package on your behalf.

Your family member or your agent who is residing at that address can receive that mail for you. An agent can be itself your family member or your close friend. The person should be authorized on behalf of you for receiving the mail or package. Post office people can accept and schedule as long as they provide necessary information about redelivery. If mail or package is delivered to your doorstep and the person receiving the package need not show their ID proofs but the authorized person coming to post office to receive the mail or package on behalf of you then he/she has to present their ID proof so that package should not deliver to the wrong person.

General Guidelines for Authorized Agent

  • The authorized person should be available there on the doorstep for the signatures for the accountable mail piece.
  • The address which is stated on mail or package the letter carrier will deliver on the same address. The addressee cannot ask to change the address.
  • Company or person should inform in their local post office about the authorized person that he/she will be receiving the mail on your behalf.

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