USPS Tracking/Article Number Location

USPS help their customers in tracking their package or mail. Tracking your package makes you in a safer zone that your package in on the way in the right direction. But this only can happen when you have a tracking number by them. Sometimes in domestic shipping products tracking services are not available but you can available by paying some amount. For tracking you need a number so, now you all must be thinking where that number will be available we will tell you where you find USPS article number.

Let’s have a look where you will find USPS Article Number:

  • Mail Receipt
  • If you have bought anything online then tracking/article number would be there on the package itself.
  • From the post office you bought insurance then it will be on a sales receipt.
  • It will be available below the barcode also.

If you receive the unreadable or any incomplete tracking number then you can also try barcode given on the back side of the sale receipt just for you to search on official site of USPS then you will get USPS tracking number information on a mail piece.

PS Form 3849, For Delivery Notice/Receipt/Reminder:

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