What is USPS Mail Forwarding and How to Forward Mail?

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As we all aware of the United States Postal Services (USPS) they provide numerous of services to their customers. Today we will be going to talk about Mail Forwarding their one of the services which is very beneficial for people residing in the United States. And later on, let you know How to Forward Mail? First, we will discuss What Is USPS Mail Forwarding.

What is USPS Mail Forwarding?

What is USPS Mail Forwarding?

Mail forwarding is the service which plays a vital role in US people life. As when you are shifting to new place or new address because of any reason you can request to USPS people to change the address and enter new address in their records so that all important mails should be received on new address only not on old one. If you don’t request them for a change the mails will continue to come on old address which you will miss because you are residing on a new address. You also have to inform that from whom you receive mails or bills while requesting them for change in address. There is no fixed time of forwarding mail it is totally depend on which location you live if you are living in a big city then you can accept change in address and mail will be forwarded to you within 2-3 days but if you are living in a rural area then it will be late then it will take approx. 1 week because they also don’t have that much staff.

How to Forward Your Mail?

If you want use this service Mail Forwarding then you have to fill the form Change in Address Form. You can fill this form in two ways by visiting post office and through online. If you fill the form online with some questions asked it will charge you $1 just for your safety and to verify your identity that’s it only nothing else and it will not consume your more time hardly take 5 minutes. If you do change by visiting the post office then you have to fill one form that form no 3525. While filling the form you will notice the two options in change of address: Permanent or Temporary you have to select any one. If you choose a permanent option then they will change an address in their records and if you choose temporary then they will just forward mail to your recent address, not they will make any change in their records. When you choose temporary then in that case they forward mail for 15 days and approx. for one year and if you want to extend time more then get it done in first 6 months.

So, we have to an end that I will like to conclude that basically mail forwarding is forwarding mail to your new address and you can make change through an address by visiting the post office and online also.

I hope through this article you all are clear about Mail Forwarding in detail. Comment your queries in comment box please.

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